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  • Welcome to Our New Website

    Hello there from the Tucson Herb Store

    For some time now I have been wanting a new website that can stand as an interactive platform for the goings on at our shop. It has finally happened! My dream is finally a reality. We are really excited to bring all of this to you. On this site you will  be able to learn about upcoming classes, look through all of our products, purchase them, or just be curious about all that we carry. You can learn about herbal consults and my new acupuncture practice and services. Maybe what’s  most exciting to me about our new site is our store news. Here we will post about what we have been harvesting, educational tidbits, and new products we are concocting. Well thats all for now.

    I hope you enjoy our site!


  • Now offering: Herbal Clinic & Consults - I am really excited to now be providing affordable herbal consults at the Tucson Herb Store. You can get one-on-one assistance for herbal treatment to fit your specific health needs. Over the years, I have found that dropping by the shop for 5 or 10 minutes to express your health needs and find an appropriate […]
  • Oct 1: Escoba is here for your aches & pains! - Recently we just harvested a whole bunch of Escoba de la Vibora (Gutierrezia spp), a low desert plant that is in bounty this time of year after the summer rains. Traditionally the flowering tops of this plant is made into a tea and added to the bath for aches and pains. We’ve bundled them up […]
  • Featured Product- Nasal Oil

    Nasal OilBenefits: In Ayurveda, Prana is the life-giving force present in the air we breathe.When taken in through the nostrils it energizes the senses and sharpens & feeds the mind. Our nostrils need to be healthy and properly lubricated to absorb Prana in the most effective way. Use Medicated Ayurvedic Nasal Oil for this purpose. Also effective for: disharmonies of the sinuses, irritated membranes, allergies, as well as lack of smell & taste.

    Ingredients: Olive Oil, Sesame oil, Chamomile & Rose